New Horizons Media was created in October 2012 in response to an increasing need for cost-effective, high quality video and event filming solutions for Canadian non-profits and small businesses.

Our number one goal is to make cost-effective, high quality videos that are professional and easy to produce. We understand that budgets are often tight and that’s why we work with our clients to develop solutions that provide professional results at a fair price.

We also try to put into practice what so many of our videos teach: diversity, inclusion, tolerance, understanding, knowledge sharing and empowerment. Not only do we produce videos that make a difference — we try to make a difference ourselves.

For this reason we’ve partnered with the New Canadian Media Professionals’ Network, where we create work opportunities for its highly skilled members: media professionals who have recently immigrated to Canada.

Our logo

nhm-buttonTo reflect our focus on helping non-profits and small businesses harness the power of video, we chose the online play button to represent New Horizons Media. But we also wanted our logo to reflect immigration which is at the heart of our business and team. That’s why we chose the crane bird, which in the Armenian culture is associated with the concepts of immigration and good fortune.

We are very proud of the videos we’re producing for you.


Gerard Keledjian is Gerard-Kthe Founder and Executive Producer of New Horizons Media. Gerard combines a background in journalism and media with a passion for immigration and multiculturalism and applies it to the growing use of online video. He loves to help – through the use of video - Canadian non-profits and small businesses connect to their New Canadian audiences.

In 2012 he launched, produced and co-hosted Introducing Toronto on Rogers TV - Toronto’s first weekly TV magazine series focused on newcomers to Canada.

Prior to moving to Canada, he has worked for a number of media organizations in Beirut, Lebanon and Dubai, UAE where, among many other programs, he has produced Middle East’s first and only TV magazine show on the green economy.