New Horizons Media is a full service video production company that provides you with four core services:

  • Online video production
  • Event coverage
  • Web shows
  • Editing

Video Production

  • Informational
  • Educational
  • Fundraising
  • Awareness
  • Instructional
  • Orientation
  • Promotional
  • Training
  • News stories
  • Vlogs
  • Documentary films

Additional Services

  • Feature articles
  • News releases
  • Blogging
  • Social Media
  • Photography
Services Video Production

Please let us know if there is a service that you think is missing or a product that you’d like to see us provide and we’ll do our best to make it possible.

Whatever your goals are, we have the expertise to help you achieve them. We’ll work with you through the whole process from developing the initial idea to the completion of the final product.

Our team consists of highly experienced media and video production professionals including script writers, camera operators, editors, voice and acting talent, as well as writers that know how to create a high impact professional video and get it in front of your audience.

Why Choose New Horizons Media?

  • Experience in high quality online video production
  • Full service including planning, scripts, filming, editing and uploading
  • Full understanding of Canada’s multicultural landscape
  • Experience working with people from a wide variety of backgrounds, cultures and abilities
  • Friendly and non-threatening interviewing style
  • Working in a sensitive and respectful manner
  • Fulfilling public service aims in commercially viable ways
  • Studio filming or location filming available
  • Web video optimisation to boost your SEO campaign

We love video production. It's what we do. Big or small, online, non-profit, promotional, event capture... If it's video you're after, we'd love to talk. Contact us!