Why not to use Vine or Instagram for video

By Robert Cairns

Vine and Instagram seem to be all the rage for video these days. Who can make the best 6 second or 15 second video? Interesting, yes… Fun, yes… But do they really have value in a business?

The answer is not enough to make it worth your while. People will argue and tell me that short videos have their place. They do, to a point. If they are used properly and used on the correct services properly.

The biggest issue with Instagram and Vine is they are not searchable. This means they have very little if not no SEO value. If I am a business, SEO is key. So why would I spend my time on things that have no value?

If I wanted to shoot a short video I would use my smart phone to do it and then upload the video to YouTube. YouTube has a lot of SEO value and we all know that Google is king. Besides if I use YouTube to post my video, I can edit it beforehand if I want too.

Think before you post. Decide on what is the best service for the goal you are trying to achieve. If you are in business, remember SEO makes a big difference. If it does for you, then choose a service that best suits the goals of helping SEO traffic.

My choice would be to use YouTube for the short video. What is yours?

Robert Cairns is a WordPress designer and social media consultant. This guest post was originally published on his blog.

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